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TRAC Watch transdermal alcohol monitoring

Continuous stigma-free alcohol monitoring

Secure solutions through innovation

At TRAC Solutions, we use our real-world experience to solve the problems experienced every day by monitoring agencies. Using innovative solutions, we make monitoring more secure, more effective, and less stigmatizing.

TRAC Solutions Suite
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More secure

Safety and security are always our first priority. We are dedicated to helping protect survivors, families, and communities. Through innovation with advanced technology, we are able to provide the most secure offender electronic monitoring in the industry. 

More effective

Our history as a service provider has taught us the importance of providing monitoring solutions that increase compliance and decrease the workload of monitoring agencies. Our solutions alleviate common issues such as low/dead battery alerts, false strap alerts, battery charging difficulties, and delayed response from the monitoring center.

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Find out how innovation can benefit your agency's electronic monitoring program.

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Less stigmatizing

Our goal is to provide stigma-free electronic monitoring. By using the latest technology, we are able to pack all the robust security features into our small, discrete devices. TRAC GPS, TRAC Watch and TRAC House Arrest were all designed to look like a consumer smartwatch.

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