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Advanced technology.
Easy monitoring.

Defendant data in real-time.


Best technology delivers reliability, efficiency, compliance, and affordability. 


We focus on how to best serve our customers and communities, which means providing solutions that meet their needs; not our sales goals.


We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. Taking the time to listen and provide unique solutions is our specialty. 


We provide affordable solutions.

Our Story: About Us

Building the Future

TRAC Solutions is a disruptive technology company changing how electronic monitoring is done now and in the future. We are advancing the industry by introducing technology that is changing the nature and pricing of the status quo. 

Our Story

Since 2007 we have been a leading service provider in the electronic monitoring industry. We gained a reputation for our excellent customer service and for providing turnkey solutions. 

Nine years ago, however, we became keenly aware of significant flaws in the industry; both in terms of technology and service. We then created the leading-edge technology and software company TRAC Solutions to be a direct answer to the issues we were seeing.

We used our experience and the experience of the court personnel we work with to create the most advanced, intuitive, and easy to use product the industry has ever seen and to do so at affordable pricing.

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