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The TRAC Breathalyzer enables criminal justice professionals to monitor the alcohol consumption of participants in real-time. 


Our unique beginnings have empowered us to develop a revolutionary approach to alcohol monitoring, and our innovative design and groundbreaking technology are pushing the limits in the industry.


We believe in providing high-quality solutions to make your job easier.


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Our Story

When we entered the alcohol monitoring industry in 2007 we did so with a purpose: to make a lasting improvement in our communities.


We began working in the courts with judges, probation officers, and prosecutors providing alcohol monitoring solutions and developing evidence-based programs. We gained a deep understanding of their needs and became well versed in the products currently available.


It was at that point we realized we needed to do more. We wanted to create a solution that would not only meet all the current needs of criminal justice professionals but could easily evolve to meet and exceed future needs. As we began to develop this solution, another pioneer in technology was taking its first steps into the world - the smartphone. From there, the TRAC Breathalyzer as we know it was born. 

Today, we are proud to say the TRAC Breathalyzer is deployed both nationally and internationally. Our true pride, however, comes from knowing that the TRAC Breathalyzer has the power to change lives and improve the world in which we live.