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This is the future of GPS monitoring. The days of big and bulky GPS monitors are gone. TheTRAC SmartGPS is smaller, lighter, and more comfortable for the participant. Thanks to its advanced communication and participant management features, the TRAC SmartGPS is much more than a GPS monitor; it is a true digital assistant to rehabilitation.


The TRAC SmartGPS  encourages pro-social behavior through integrated communications.


Small but mighty, The TRAC SmartGPS is equipped with the same security features as big and bulky GPS monitors.


Basic tasks are automated in
our web portal and smart
communications are easy to
send and increase

Our Solution: Image

Smart Communications

The TRAC SmartGPS facilitates communications between the monitoring agency and the participant by utilizing its easy to navigate screen. 

Communication abilities include:

Copy of GPS Smartwatch_edited.jpg

Home Screen

The home screen displays time, date, battery level, and current
curfew parameters.

Copy of GPS Smartwatch (2)_edited.jpg

Reminder Notifications

Remind monitorees of important dates and times such as upcoming
curfew times and appointments.

Copy of GPS Smartwatch (1)_edited.jpg

Daily Curfew Schedule

Participants are able to view their curfew schedule for the current and
following day.

Copy of GPS Smartwatch (3)_edited.jpg

Custom Messages

Reinforce compliant behavior by using this feature to send messages of

Copy of GPS Smartwatch (4)_edited.jpg

Curfew Update Notification

Participants are immediately notified when a curfew is updated.

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